Capital Medical Services

Dr. Heather Davison
General & Occupational Health Practitioner
9 Harley Street, London W1G 9QY
Tel: 0207 079 2100 | Fax: 0207 616 7633

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  Capital Medical Services  

Private General Practitioner
Occupational Health Services

Capital Medical Services has been set up by Dr. Heather Davison, a highly experienced general practitioner and occupational health doctor who has worked in private practice for over 10 years. The consulting rooms are located at 9 Harley Street, in the heart of the medical district of London.

The practice offers private general practitioner services both to regular patients and their families and also to short term visitors to London. Occupational health services are offered to corporate clients.

Dr. Davison is well known for the personal care she offers her patients in addition to the highest quality medical care. Ensuring every concern, both physical and psychological of an individual is listened too and addressed is of the utmost importance to the practice. Referrals to the most appropriate leading London consultants are made when appropriate.  

Dr. Davison has evolved a reputation in providing the highest possible level of service to her patients. In being independent she ensures her ability to offer complete continuity of care with traditional values.


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